Hurricane Sandy Resources Provided by Toms River Township, N.J.

Toms River Township has provided very helpful PDF files for Hurricane Sandy Resources.

FEMA Informational Workshop for residents impacted byHurricane Sandy- REGISTER NOW PDF Print E-mail
Toms River Township is hosting a workshop for residents to discuss their FEMA questions and concerns.Saturday, January 26, 2013, from 1 to 4 PM in the TR High School East Cafetorium.• There will be three sessions at 1, 2 or 3 PM• On-line Registration is recommended!  Space is limited to 400 people per session, based on the fire code capacity of the room.
Read more… [FEMA Informational Workshop for residents impacted byHurricane Sandy- REGISTER NOW]
SBA Disaster Loan info. – Deadline is January 30, 2013 PDF Print E-mail
There is now an electronic application available for SBA disaster loans at questions can be answered at 1-800-659-2955, at , or in person by an SBA rep at a disaster resource center in your community.In Toms River, visit in person at:Bell Crest Plaza Store Front 4C953 Fischer Blvd.Toms River, NJ  08753There is also a self-paced tutorial about the SBA disaster loan program and how to apply at
Plan to Re-populate Ortley Beach PDF Print E-mail
Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher has an updated plan for the re-population of Ortley Beach.The Mayor is pleased to announce that he and the Toms River Council have been steadfastly working with the utility companies to get most Ortley Beach residents back in their homes as early as February 4, 2013.
Read more… [Plan to Re-populate Ortley Beach]
Substantial Damage Process PDF Print E-mail
Important Information:  For Property Owners with Substantial Damage to their Property from Super Storm Sandy. Please read both attached forms very carefully as you consider your options concerning rebuilding.
(Click here for attachment)
Debris Removal Request PDF Print E-mail
Attached is the Debris Removal Request form for removal of debris from private property and/or demolition of homes on private property.
Read more… [Debris Removal Request]
Beach Replenishment Presentation PDF Print E-mail
The Township has arranged for a public presentation on beach replenishment from Professor Jon Miller, Ph.D., a recognized expert in the field of coastal engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, and a Coastal Processes Specialist for the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, on Friday 1/18/2013, beginning at 6 P.M. at the Ocean County College Theater in Toms River. Dr. Miller has completed extensive research in the field of coastal engineering including research on rip currents with the NJ! Sea Grant Consortium and was featured prominently during Super Storm Sandy on various news media outlets. All members of the public are welcome, however, seating is limited.
Mail delivery on the barrier island PDF Print E-mail
According to the Toms River post office, mail is being delivered to all homes on the barrier island that currently have a passable street and a mailbox.  If you have previously given the post office a forwarding address and you would like to stop having your mail forwarded, contact them at or fill out a form at any post office.
Material Damage to Structures as a Result of Hurricane “Sandy” PDF Print E-mail
Residents impacted by Super Storm Sandy have until January 10, 2013 to file a Notice of Material Damage with the Tax Assessor’s Office.          Here is the link to that document so you can fill it out and file it prior to the deadline, which is fast-approaching.
Read more… [Material Damage to Structures as a Result of Hurricane “Sandy”]
Mayor Kelaher announces Northern Beach residents can come home PDF Print E-mail
Mayor Kelaher formally announces that the Northern Beaches of Toms River will be open for re-population, as scheduled, on Monday, January 7, 2013.Kelaher said, “I just spoke with the Governor’s office and I was told that he will be lifting the State of Emergency for homes in Toms River that are located in between Brick and Lavallette, such as Ocean Beach, Chadwick, Monterey, Normandy, etc.”“We also had a meeting with the four utility companies on the barrier island, and they have assured us that all of the utilities will be ready for use on Monday,” Kelaher added.This re-population plan was a joint effort from the three Mayors for Brick Township, Toms River and Seaside Heights in seeking a combined request to Governor Chris Christie to allow resident’s access back into their homes.There will still be a heavy police presence and security cameras in the area.“Our goal was to allow residents back into their homes as quickly and as safely as possible, and I’m happy to announce that we have done so for our Northern Beach residents.”
Garbage and Recycling Collections for Northern Beaches PDF Print E-mail
Regular Trash and Recycling Collections will resume for barrier island north beach residences (Ocean Beach, Chadwick, Monterey, etc.)  Residents are reminded that only regular household trash and recyclables should be placed in the appropriate containers for collection by the Public Works Department.Storm debris removal will continue as well. This type of debris will be collected by the FEMA-approved contractors, and must be placed within the right of way (c! urbside) separate from household trash and recyclables.
BUILDING PERMITS- Hours of operation PDF Print E-mail
Town Hall will be open for permits on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm and Wednesdays from 7:30 am -6:30 pm.
Public Works will be close on Martin Luther King Day PDF Print E-mail
The Toms River Township Department of Public Works will be closed on Monday, January 21, 2013, for Martin Luther King Day.  There will be no garbage or recycling collections and the Recycling Convenience Center will be closed.   All garbage and recycling collections will be postponed one day, with Friday’s garbage collections performed on Saturday. If you have any questions, please call 732-255-1000 ext. 8101.  Thank you.

BUILDING PERMITS- Hours of operation PDF Print E-mail
Town Hall will be open for permits on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm and Wednesdays from 7:30 am -6:30 pm.
Sand Collection on the barrier island PDF Print E-mail
The collection of sand left by  Hurricane Sandy will begin today. This sand must be placed curbside, (in the right of way) to qualify for removal, where it will be removed by FEMA-approved contractors.  FEMA does not permit collection to occur on private property itself.
Letter from Mayor Kelaher to DEP Commissioner Bob Martin PDF Print E-mail
The attached letter from Mayor Kelaher addresses the governing body’s concerns regarding the elevation of the water level in the Barnegat Bay and the FEMA Base Flood Elevation maps.
Read more… [Letter from Mayor Kelaher to DEP Commissioner Bob Martin]
Barrier Island residents- A message from the TRMUA PDF Print E-mail
If your business or home was impacted by Hurricane Sandy, the TR Municipal Utilities Authority will be crediting your sewer bill for the months of November and December due to non-access.  Please click here for further information.
Electrical Permit Process PDF Print E-mail
Toms River has changed the process of re-connecting your electrical meters to make it even easier for residents.Homeowners no longer need a permit to get their electricity re-connected from JCP&L. You can either call or come to town hall to make an appointment. Have your JCP&L account number ready, along with your DR# (disconnect re-connect number.) If resident’s already have an existing permit number, they can just call to make an appointment for their electrical inspections. Please contact the Building Department at 732-341-1000 ext. 8321 to make an appointment. For JCP&L questions, contact their customer service number at 1-800-662-3115.
(12/P159) TRENTON – Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin today reminded residents that televisions, computers, electronic tablets, e-book readers, and monitors that have been replaced by new electronic holiday gifts cannot be thrown out with the trash but must be taken to designated recycling collection points as required by state law.
Dune and Beach Replenishment on the Barrier Island (Dec. 27, 2012) PDF Print E-mail
In an effort to provide as much up-to-date information as possible concerning Toms River Township’s effort to reconstruct the dunes and beach areas on the barrier island, we have prepared the following summary.1. Publicly-owned beach areas: Construction work is being completed this week on a $1.6 million project awarded on 11/13/12 to Earle Asphalt Company as an emergency contract for the Ortley Beach Emergency Dune Replenishment Project.    Under this contract, the publicly-owned beaches and dunes will be replenished to the pre-storm condition and the Township will be able to seek reimbursement from FEMA for these funds.2. Privately-owned beach areas: 
Read more… [Dune and Beach Replenishment on the Barrier Island (Dec. 27, 2012)]
Access open to most barrier island residents on Jan. 7th PDF Print E-mail
Showing a united front, the three Mayors for Brick Township, Toms River and Seaside Heights are pleased to announce their re-population plans in a joint request to Governor Chris Christie to allow resident’s access back into their homes.The North Beach area of Toms River, all of Brick Twp. and single-family homes in Seaside Heights will be included in the formal joint request to re-populate their towns on the same day, on Jan. 7, 2013.
Click Here for more [Access open to most barrier island residents on Jan. 7th]
FEMA maps- Response from Toms River officials PDF Print E-mail
The link below is in reference to the new FEMA flood maps, known as the “Advisory Base Flood Elevation” maps.  Our Township Engineer has written to FEMA for clarification and another review, since this has a significant financial impact for our residents.  We will keep you updated as soon as we have a response from FEMA.  Click here for attachment.
Toms River officials say, “We want our residents back in.”There are several areas of concern before Township officials can petition the Governor for permission to allow re-population of Ortley and the Northern Beaches on the Barrier Island. The “Northern Beaches” are located north of Lavallette and south of Brick Twp., such as Ocean Beach, Chadwick, Monterey, Normandy, etc.Mayor Tom Kelaher stated, “There are four things we need to have completed before we can begin to discuss re-population of our beach towns with the Governor. In the Northern Beaches, three of those projects are almost complete, which are that the gas, electric and sewer have been restored to the homes that are intact. We are now waiting to have potable water established. “Water is presently restored at less than half the amount of normal water pressure and it is not potable, so you cannot drink it or bathe with it, but the water is there in case of a fire emergency.Toms River officials are monitoring the progress of the utility companies several times a day. In the Northern Beaches, all utilities are anticipated to be complete by early January. In Ortley Beach, the re-population will be much further down the road.

  • Gas- The gas is currently restored to the Rt. 35 main only and not yet on the side streets. Work is on-going every day.
  • Electric-The electric company, JCP&L, is re-setting meters house by house, at a rate of about 100 homes per day, based on the on-going inspections by Toms River, the State and NJDCA electrical inspectors.
  • Water-We are awaiting the supply of potable drinking water from NJ American Water. They plan to conduct water quality tests within the next week. For information on turning off your water valve, click here.
  • Sewer-The Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority has advised us that the sewer system is operational in the North Beach section but not yet in Ortley Beach.

To allow re-population, we will approach the Governor when all of the utilities are restored. We will not fabricate our progress, at the expense of the safety and well-being of our residents.

Mayor Kelaher addressed the concerns that residents have, in light of the fact that neighboring Lavallette homeowners will be allowed back in their homes this weekend. “This storm has been a devastating ordeal for everyone. It’s fortunate that Lavallette, for the most part, was spared the problems that Ortley has. Asking why we can’t return as soon as they can is an unfair comparison. We have 6,500 homes on the island, while Lavallette has only 2,300.”

By the numbers

-To date, Public Works has delivered 42,000 tons of debris to the Ocean County Landfill from storm damaged properties.

-Over 300,000 cubic yards of debris have been collected curbside since the hurricane. In comparison, neighboring Lavallette has collected 65,000 cubic yards.

-Our infrastructure damage is 20 times that of Lavallette.

-We have lost entire roadways and were plagued with approximately 100 sinkholes. Lavallette was spared those problems.

Power restoration on the barrier island PDF Print E-mail
Restoration of residential power on the barrier island- An update from Toms River Twp. and JCP&L.

  • The Township has received over 1,000 permit applications to date for re-setting of electrical meters on the barrier island, most of which are from the North Beach area.  Please recall that there is no fee for this permit as the fees have been waived.
  • The Township and JCP&L will be working cooperatively from north to south, which means that the North Beach properties will be inspected first. Once those inspections have been completed, they will move south to Ortley Beach.
  • The Township, in conjunction with JCP&L, will begin inspections in the North Beach area beginning on 12/13/12 for re-setting of electrical meters.  This process will continue for the foreseeable future.  A more definitive schedule will be provided once the Township and JCP&L can determine the number of inspections and meters that can be set per day.  JCP&L will re-energize areas once the inspections are completed and this will likely be done in sections, once all safety issues have been resolved.
  • For property owners who have not yet applied for the re-setting of their electrical meter, JCP&L has asked the township to request a copy of the homeowner’s electric bill along with the permit application which will include the account number.  This will greatly ease their efforts in identifying the property, meter number and moving the process along more quickly.  Many of the properties on the barrier island have been compromised in certain areas and it is difficult to identify exact locations in some instances. Both the Township and JCP&L appreciate the cooperation of property owners in providing this information, if it is available.  If it is not available, the address will suffice.
  • If a property owner has filed a permit to reset the meter and if the Township Electrical Inspectors and/or JCP&L determine that a structure is unsafe based on the field inspection, they will not reset the meter and the property owner will be notified.  If that occurs, a certification will be required from the property owner’s licensed electrician prior to the meter being set.  Please remember, safety is our number one concern.
Construction/Electrical Permit Application Forms PDF Print E-mail
Toms River Township officials have been working diligently over the weekend to ease the added burden of electrical inspection costs placed on homeowners on the barrier island. The electrical system has been compromised through the intrusion of salt water, and in the interest of public safety, JCP&L will be pulling all of the electric meters to homes on the barrier island, including the Northern Beaches and Ortley Beach areas.Initially, in accordance with state law, there was a $46 permit fee for inspections, but that fee has now been waived for homeowners.Toms River officials spoke with representatives at the NJDCA. Mayor Tom Kelaher said, “Councilwoman Maria Maruca and I worked out an arrangement with the DCA and they have agreed to handle the inspections, instead of our Township inspectors. The good news is that we won’t have to charge homeowners for the inspections. The DCA will be able to seek reimbursement from FEMA and try to recoup whatever costs they can, and then they will absorb the rest of the costs.”Maruca stated, “I understand the need to replace the meters, but all of us on the governing body were opposed to having to charge our residents for this service. This was undue financial stress that I’m happy we were able to avoid.”Additionally, the Township will issue refunds to any resident who recently had their meters inspected as a result of the storm.

Electrical Permit Re-connection Steps

Residents that have had their electrical meters pulled by JCP&L must take the following steps.

1-Homeowners and/or their electrician must request a permit for an electrical re-connection, which is now at no cost, at the Toms River Permit office in town hall.

Permit applications

The link below leads to the NJ UCC permit forms. For the reconnect permit, you will need to file both form UCC-F100 and form UCC-F120. You can mail the completed application to us or bring it in to town hall for immediate processing.

2- Once the re-connect permit is issued, schedule an inspection through the Building Department at 732-341-1000 ext. 8321. The Township highly recommends that every homeowner obtain their own licensed electrical contractor to assess their home for electrical damage, such as wiring or panel changes, etc. If additional work needs to be done, a new electrical permit is required. Upon making the necessary inspections and or repairs, the homeowner should contact the Toms River Building Department for a final inspection.

3- A State-licensed electrical inspector will conduct the inspection of the electrical system. Once complete, the inspector will forward a “cut in card” to JCP&L, alerting them to reconnect your power. This may take JCP&L a few days. Please be patient. For JCP&L questions, contact their customer service number at 1-800-662-3115.

Inspection permit hours

Based on the large number of applications, the township will be supplementing the staff to review and process these permit applications.  Additionally, the Building Inspection Department has expanded the hours of operation to 7:30 AM- 4:30 PM, with expanded hours on Wednesday to 6:30 PM.  Town Hall is located at 33 Washington Street in Toms River.

Hurricane Sandy left behind more than physical destruction. As people in New Jersey begin to rebuild, every affected family has faced a disruption of their normal lives. Many must also confront the anguish of losing a home.Children are particularly vulnerable to the stress that follows a natural disaster, and their symptoms may linger much longer than in adults, according to mental health experts. They also react to how adults behave in stressful situations, so it’s important for parents and caregivers to look after their own mental health in the wake of a disaster.Parents and other caregivers should be alert to signs of stress-related troubles and learn how to deal with their children’s fears and unusual behaviors.Children ages 5 or younger may cry more frequently than usual, become clingy, have nightmares, show excessive fear of the dark, fear of animals or fear of being alone. Appetites may change. They may speak with difficulty or revert to behaviors such as bed-wetting or thumb-sucking.Children ages 5 to 11 may exhibit increased irritability, aggression, and competition with their siblings for parental attention. Some become preoccupied with the disaster and want to talk about it continually. They may also show anxiety through whining, withdrawing from their peers, and losing interest in normal activities.Teenagers 11 to 18 may show outright rebellion, physical problems, and sleep disturbances. They may engage in risk-taking behaviors such as reckless driving or alcohol and drug abuse.Those signs of anxiety often result from the losses, disruption to family life, and a sense of a hostile world created by a natural disaster. The following suggestions may help to reduce stress in children:

  • Spend time each day giving each child undivided attention, even if just for a few minutes. Share experiences. Reaffirm your love. Make plans together. Just “be there” for each other.
  • Encourage them to talk. Ask children to describe what they are feeling. Let them talk about

the disaster and ask as many questions as they like. Listen to what they say. Assure them that

the disaster was an act of nature and not caused by them. Include the entire family in the discussion, if possible.

  • Understand their fears. It is important that parents accept anxieties as being very real

to children. Help them understand what causes their anxieties and fears. Recognize their losses, such as their pets, favorite toys and other personal items. Reassure them that everything will

be all right.

  • Explain what is going on. Make every effort to keep children informed about what

is happening. Explanations should be in simple language. With children 5 or older,

rehearse safety measures for use in case of future disasters.

  • Reassure them. Parents can help reassure children by telling them they are safe, holding

and hugging them frequently, restoring normal routines, providing play experiences for them,

and making bedtime a special moment of calm and comfort.

  • Encourage activities with their peers. As with adults, social time with friends is a very important part of the recovery process.
  • Temporarily lower expectations of them. Allow for the fact that stress from the disaster

can show itself in many ways over a period of time, and make appropriate allowances.

The New Jersey Department of Human Services is coordinating statewide efforts to help individuals

and communities manage the emotional impact of the storm. Crisis counselors are currently providing support in many shelters and assisting in FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers as needed.

In addition to providing face-to-face disaster crisis counseling, the state provides informational materials about coping and they partner with the Mental Health Association in New Jersey to offer assistance through a toll free helpline: 877-294-4357 (also apples to VRS or 711-Relay users)

or TTY 877-294-4356. Or visit their website:

Parents, guardians and caregivers may also want to contact their local mental health agency

for information on resources in their community that can assist children after disasters.

For more information call 877-652-7624, 24 hours a day, seven days a week; or visit the website

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Rebuilding Your Home after the Storm PDF Print E-mail
  • Toms River Township encourages residents to rebuild their homes, and as such, residents seeking to rebuild within the same footprint will be permitted to do so. Please review the “Reconstruction Policy” posted on this website.

– For zoning permit questions and related matters, please call 732-341-1000, ext. 8359, or e-mail Bernie Mackle

-For all construction permit questions, please call 732-341-1000, ext. 8320.

– For engineering questions regarding flood elevations, drainage, grading and related matters, please call 732-341-1000, ext. 8335.

-For all other questions on rebuilding, or if you are unsure about who to contact, please call the Township Planning Office at 732-341-1000, ext. 8354 or 8356, or e-mail Jay Lynch at

  • IMPORTANT: On 11/27/12, the Township received notification from FEMA that new preliminary flood elevation maps will be issued by FEMA on or about DECEMBER 12, 2012.  Based on this new information and in light of the short time frame involved, the Township strongly recommends that property owners review the new flood elevation maps once they are issued, prior to moving forward with their rebuilding plans. For questions on this, please contact Engineering at 732-341-1000, ext. 8335.

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